CN Company Cloud

The hybrid cloud solution for SME

Focus on business

Welcome to the 3rd IT platfrom


Redefine your IT ressources anytime and react on changing business situations.


Enjoy our professional IT Management to get time to care about your core business.


CARLO Network stands for innovation and state of the art technology. We make sure that your infrastructure will be continuously modernized.


Save high start investments and costs like energy, maintanace and security.

Made in Germany

Our clouds and datacenters are placed to 100% in Germany.

SME aligned

We know your needs. Profit from our 25 years of experience with small and medium-sized enterprises.

Why Company Cloud?

Advantages your will love

Cannon proof datacenters

In times of digital scepticism the your data security becomes a big issue for us. Therefore we involved privacy officers in the developement of our solutions. The measures do not only save data from the datacenter layer, but also from your endpoint devices. Andi f we say cannon proof, we mean cannon proof: our facilities resist blackouts, nature disasters and were even tested with over 300 kilograms of dynamite.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our reliable backup solutions creates easily complete backup files during work times – namely every 3 hours. Your backups will be saved for incredible 10 years to fulfill tax law compliances. In worst case scenerios our disaster recovery needs just few minutes to restore your systems.

Lean back with Managed IT

Managedd IT stands for carefreeness. CARLO Network takes over the administration to the top layer of your operating systems and among others, the user management, updates and the monitoring of business relevant services. To fulfill your compliance requierements, we offer also backups on tapes, which are sent to you regulary.

Configure now your Company Cloud

CN Consulting & Strategy

Use our professional cloud consulting

Define ideal capacities

The Oppertunities of a hybrid cloud are almost limetless. With CN Consulting & Strategy you find the best way to realize your perfect aligned Company Cloud.

Migrate existing and new systems

Keep with your business relevant apps and services. We make sure that the implementation processes trouble-free. Even in coming projects.

Profit from 25 years of experience

Benefit our know how and enjoy our service as competent IT business partner in any issue.

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